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See how we worked with the solar industry to help overcome the proposed NSW tariff cuts

At Do Something we want to help lead the way on Australia becoming the number #1 solar country in the world.

The potential for solar to generate power, jobs and income for Australia is very significant and that's why we're running the Go Solar campaign.

Our campaign kicked off when we partnered with the solar industry in our successful campaign to stop the NSW government decision to cut the solar power in NSW by a third. This campaign would have taken $470 million in income from the 120,000 NSW households who had installed solar panels as part of the NSW labour government solar bonus scheme.

Do Something joined forces with the Australian Solar Energy Society and the NSW Chapter of the Solar Energy Industries Association, and engaged in daily planning sessions which led to a successful solar rally at Customs House in Circular Quay, where thousands of people turned up to hear a line-up of speakers including Do Something founder Jon Dee.  

As part of Do Somethings contribution to the campaign, we recruited former NSW Liberal leader Peter Debnam to come on board as political advisor to the campaign.  This significant development received widespread media coverage and proved to be a strategic turning point for the campaign.

The backed down Barry O'Farrell government on June 7th is a win for common sense, a win for the solar industry and it puts $470 million back into the pockets of the 120,000 households who did the right thing and installed solar power on their rooftops.

It also shows the consumer power of the many Australians who want to do something and go solar.

Letter to MPs: Saving at least $455M from the Solar Bonus Scheme - without retrospective cuts [PDF]


7 June 2011 - O'Farrell abandons plan to cut solar tariff
The Sydney Morning Herald
Weeks of campaigning by the solar energy industry and the threat of a backbench revolt have forced the Premier, Barry O'Farrell, to dump plans to cut the tariff paid to participants in the solar bonus scheme.

23 May 2011 - Solar industry takes it to the MPs
The Sydney Morning Herald
The solar-energy industry is pressuring the NSW government to find an alternative funding solution for the solar bonus scheme by releasing its proposal to MPs before today's cabinet meeting and tomorrow's joint party meeting.

22 May 2011 - Time to Do Something Peter
The Sun-Herald
Former Liberal Party leader is advising the solar energy industry on how to torpedo the Coalition government's plan to retrospectively slash solar bonuses for households who invested in the bungled government scheme.

22 May 2011 - Families burned by solar subsidies
The Sunday Telegraph
Ordinary families across the state are furious government subsidies are under threat after paying up to $22,000 for solar panels in the hope they would one day have free electricity.

18 May 2011 - O'Farrell's solar program cut angers protestors
Protesters in Sydney have voiced their anger at the NSW Government after Premier Barry O'Farrell announced a cut in the solar energy bonus scheme.

18 May 2011 - Cut's to solar unjust and unfair
Jon Dee, ABC Environment
The O'Farrell government's proposal to slash the NSW solar scheme is not only a broken promise, it is unjust and unfair on the NSW people.


20 May 2011 - "People power" put at risk by O'Farrell government
The 120,000 NSW households that installed rooftop solar panels have built the equivalent of a new 300 megawatt power station. However recent action by the O'Farrell Government means that each of these households will lose up to $2,000 or more, reports Do Somethingand the Australian Solar Energy Society.


29th May 2015


Volunteer in your pyjamas!
How 'virtual volunteers' are changing the face of volunteering
Think of volunteering and you picture people delivering Meals on Wheels or helping out in a charity op shop. But in today's busy world, you'll also see volunteers in their pyjamas!
More and more people are starting to volunteer their time online or on the phone. It's called 'virtual volunteering' and you can participate any time, day or night. It's been popular for some time in other parts of the world, but is only now starting to take off in Australia.
With today's International Volunteer Day (Dec 5th), the charity DoSomething are calling on busy Australians to think about becoming a virtual volunteer. Their website is now listing virtual volunteering opportunties. View the media release to see what you can do or visit:

Leading charity op shops encourage Australians to 'Op Till You Drop!' for this year's National Op Shop Week


National Op Shop Week 2015 will take place from Sunday 23rd - 30th August 2015. Please put the date in your diaries!


Red Cross, Salvos Stores and Vinnies are just some of the leading charity op shops involved in this year's Op Shop Week. This is the fourth National Op Shop Week and the campaign slogan for 2015 is 'Op Till You Drop!'.


To find locations for charity op shops in your local area, please visit - over 2,000 charity op shops are listed on this site!



21st May 2015

Free book shows small to medium-sized businesses how to cut their energy bills by 10-60%.


Australians spend more on energy than many of us realise. In 2012 we spent $9 billion on air-conditioning-related energy bills and nearly $5 billion on refrigeration-related energy costs. We're also spending tens of billions of dollars 1 on fuel products

Read more about the recent project launch of here.




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