We are a new type of not-for-profit organisation that brings together the resources of the business community and the goodwill of the Australian public. We work to create and promote positive social and environmental change.

Left to right: Tina Jackson, Pat Cash & Jon Dee

Rather than talk about the problems, we seek to "do something" by building alliances between businesses, government and the community. We identify problems and then find answers that achieve measurable benefits for the environment and our community.

As part of our work, we campaign on environmental and social issues. Sometimes on our own, but more often in partnership with others. See our Campaigns section on this website for more detail on our work.

Who's Behind 'DoSomething'?

'DoSomething!' was established by Planet Ark founders Jon Dee and Pat Cash in association with Tina Jackson, former Executive Director of the National Trust of Australia.

Jon Dee, Managing Director

Jon Dee is the Managing Director of DoSomething! and was its founding Chairman. He is the 2010 NSW Australian of the Year and one of Australia's most influential environmental campaigners. Since 1992, he has inspired millions of Australians to make positive environmental and social change. In 1991 Jon and Pat Cash founded the environment group Planet Ark. In his 15 years heading up Planet Ark, Jon instigated National Recycling Week, the National Recycling Hotline, and RecyclingNearYou.com.au which is used by over a million Australians every year. He also founded National Tree Day with Olivia Newton-John, an event for which 2 million volunteers have planted over 15 million trees. Jon founded World Environment News, the world's leading environmental news service used annually by eight million people. In a personal capacity, Jon initiated the successful lobbying campaign for Australia's three year phase-out of incandescent light globes.

In 2008, Jon joined with Pat Cash and Tina Jackson to found DoSomething! Since its inception, the organisation has established a series of innovative campaigns to bring about real and measurable change.

Tina Jackson, Co-Founder

Tina Jackson is a co-founder of DoSomething! and was its founding Managing Director. Tina has over 20 years experience as a manager and director of organisations spanning the environment, architecture, arts, culture and media. As Executive Director of the National Trust of Australia NSW Tina led a range of campaigns to protect and save Australia's endangered natural and built heritage.

Prior to running the National Trust she was Practice Manager of Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp, Manager of the NSW Institute of Architects and CEO of Arts Training Australia. She has held senior positions in the ABC and ABC Staff Association, was a management consultant with firms such as Cullen Egan Dell and has managed her own consultancy practice. She began her career at the University of Sydney where she studied and taught Industrial Relations.

Pat Cash, Ambassador

Pat Cash first came to the tennis world's attention as a junior player in the early 1980s. The crowning moment of his career came when he won Wimbledon in 1987. He continues his international involvement in tennis as a respected player, coach and TV commentator.

Together with his friend, Jon Dee, Pat founded Planet Ark in June 1991. He fronted a range of Planet Ark campaigns and was active as a roving ambassador for the organisation. In November 2008 Pat joined with Jon and Tina Jackson to found DoSomething! The Pat Cash Foundation contributed significant start up funds to help establish DoSomething! Over the years, Pat has also helped a number of other charities including the 'Orchid Cancer Appeal' (to help the fight against male cancers) and the charity 'Goal' who work to ensure that the poorest and most vulnerable have access to the fundamental needs and rights of life.

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29th May 2015


Volunteer in your pyjamas!
How 'virtual volunteers' are changing the face of volunteering
Think of volunteering and you picture people delivering Meals on Wheels or helping out in a charity op shop. But in today's busy world, you'll also see volunteers in their pyjamas!
More and more people are starting to volunteer their time online or on the phone. It's called 'virtual volunteering' and you can participate any time, day or night. It's been popular for some time in other parts of the world, but is only now starting to take off in Australia.
With today's International Volunteer Day (Dec 5th), the charity DoSomething are calling on busy Australians to think about becoming a virtual volunteer. Their DoSomethingNearYou.com.au website is now listing virtual volunteering opportunties. View the media release to see what you can do or visit: http://dsny.com.au/vol_day.

Leading charity op shops encourage Australians to 'Op Till You Drop!' for this year's National Op Shop Week


National Op Shop Week 2015 will take place from Sunday 23rd - 30th August 2015. Please put the date in your diaries!


Red Cross, Salvos Stores and Vinnies are just some of the leading charity op shops involved in this year's Op Shop Week. This is the fourth National Op Shop Week and the campaign slogan for 2015 is 'Op Till You Drop!'.


To find locations for charity op shops in your local area, please visit OpShopWeek.com.au - over 2,000 charity op shops are listed on this site!



21st May 2015

Free book shows small to medium-sized businesses how to cut their energy bills by 10-60%.


Australians spend more on energy than many of us realise. In 2012 we spent $9 billion on air-conditioning-related energy bills and nearly $5 billion on refrigeration-related energy costs. We're also spending tens of billions of dollars 1 on fuel products

Read more about the recent project launch of EnergyCut.com.au here.




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